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Steven Townley » At Home Health and Physical Education Resources

At Home Health and Physical Education Resources

The importance of being able to stay physically active at home has really come into light during COVID. With all of the lockdowns and restrictions that have been in place over the past 18 months, being able to get up off of the lounge and work up a sweat can help both your body and mind as we navigate back towards normal life. 


Below are a series of links with activities and ideas to help get you and your family moving. 


I will continually update this page with activities as I come across them. If you find one that you would like to share please send it to me and I will add it so others can benefit from it!


At Home PE Ideas


The Specialist -

Australian Department of Health -


Open PE -


Ever Active -


Fitnessgram -


Virtual PE -


PE Activities at Home -


Pinterest -


Keeping Kids in Motion -


Reebok Kids -