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Kimberly Couk » Mrs. Couk's Kindergarten

Mrs. Couk's Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten!  My name is Kim Couk, and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year.  Kindergarten is a fun,  exciting, and very educational year for your child.  This will be my 26th year teaching.  I absolutely love teaching Kindergarten and find their enthusiasm for learning infectious on a daily basis.  Eaton is an amazing school family that your child is now lucky to be apart of I am looking forward to a fantastic year creating relationships with your child and family.



I am very proud of all my students who are working hard on all their challenges and sending me pictures!!!!
*Check weekly on website too for added information to be working on at home!

Journal Activiy

This thing we are all a part of, it's living history.  Our children are all a part of this, and it will be talked about for generations to come.   Schools are closed; sports are cancelled; people are quarantined..... on a GLOBAL level. The best thing your children can do is to keep a journal over the next 5 plus weeks.  Handwritten, typed, in photographs or drawings..... record events, day to day activities, fears and feelings.  Let them make a video journal if that's the media they prefer.  As parents, let them interview you, be a part of it.  When its all over, save it/ store in a safe place for them.  They will share this with their children and grandchildren. Help them create a tangible, primary source of their own history.

Digital Learning

There are some optional activities that you can do at home with your child.  I have also sent information on Class Dojo! If you would like to send me messages on Dojo I will be happy to answer any questions. 

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:20 Homeroom

8:20-10:05 Reading Groups

10:05-10:50 Special Area Classes

11:05-11:35 Lunch

11:35-12:05 Launch/Writing

12:05-1:30 Math Groups

1:30-2:00 Recess

2:00-2:30 Science/Social Studies

2:30-2:45 Snack/Pack-Up

2:45-2:55 Reflection

2:55-3:30 Dismissal