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At home activities

This article lists and describes 20 lesser known websites for kids. Great ideas for learning and fun. Check it out😀 is exactly that, fun for your brain! The site is divided by grade levels PreK-8. There are fun learning games and each grade level has at least one book that can be read online. If you participate in Accelerated Reader, I am fairly certain most of the books are on the list.  The site is best on laptops, but can be accessed on tablets. However, your game  choices are limited on tablets. Check out this fun site.
If you have not visited, you should try it. The website has videos of all your favorite PBS children's shows. It also has educational games featuring all the shows' characters. The site is kept up to date, with special holiday and seasonal videos and games. The website is appropriate for PreK through upper elementary.
On a tablet, 2 apps can be downloaded. One for videos and a seperate one for games.
You will love PBS Kids! It makes learning FUN!
A new home resource idea is an amazing resource for learning and fun. It has sections for PreK through 6th grade. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, there are hundreds of games and lessons. On a tablet your choices are more limited. My 3rd and 4th graders are probably familiar with this website. Because we use iPads with K, 1st, and 2nd, they will not be familiar with the website, but they will love it!
Stay healthy and I hope to see you all soon!
All grades: website has tons of both educational and just for fun games. It can be accessed on laptops and tablets. My kindergardeners love it. But tons of stuff for all ages.
First and second grades:  has easy keyboarding games and also more advanced activities. It can be used on both laptops and tablets. We use this program all the time in first grade computer special.
Third grade: On a laptop they can go to Dance Mat Typing and practice their keyboarding,  just like we do in class. Remember to keep your fingers on home row! If a laptop is not available, is another good choice that can be done on a tablet.
Fourth grade: From a laptop you can continue your lessons on  If you don't remember your login info, do Dance Mat instead. Also, don't forget you can play Nitro Type!