Eaton Elementary School

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PBS kids    -  This is a great website for videos and games designed for kids.
Front Row  -  I will be giving your students login information very soon. Students willI use this program daily for centers or freetime.  It has a diagnostic test to begin, but then will adapt the learning games and activities to fit the needs of the student.  I get reports weekly to see progress made.  I love this progam!
ABC YA!   -  This is a fun website for educational games by grade level.  It does show advertisements.  I think there is a way to go ad free, but I think it has a small fee.
AR Book Find - Or  go to Google and type in AR Book Find and you can look up any book to see if it is AR and the level it is.  
IXL - Students are beginning to use this at school for practice on math skills and will soon have language skills as well.  Use this at home for excellent practice you can count on.  Bonus!  There are no commercials if they are signed in to their school account.  Username - 1st initial and last name - example if it were me smccarroll        Password :  pass123 (for now)