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Fun Websites during School Closure

Hey Everyone!!  Here is a list of some really fun websites to check out! You will really enjoy getting to pick out the articles you would like to read and learn about!  Have fun and be ready to share the neat things you learned when we return to school!  I love and miss you!! Be Blessed!
1st: ---- a lot of articles to choose from
2nd: ---- check out the social studies articles
3rd: interesting articles
4th: games with our spelling words 
5th: fun website!
6th: have to check this one out!
7th: to practice grammar skills 
8th: one of my all time favorites!!  You have to watch Wordgirl..she is the best!
9th: really neat site where you pick out a book and a famous actor or actress reads it to you!
11th: . ---- check out the science experiments: I am going to plant petunia seeds!!