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Coach Schaffer's Physical Education Page

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Hello Rocket community! My name is Seth Schaffer, and I am beyond excited to get my first year at Eaton Elementary started! I am originally from Madisonville, TN but cannot wait to invest into the Loudon community. When choosing a career path, I value comradery, professionalism, and a positive work environment, and I can already say there is no place I would rather be than here!


I am entering into my fourth year teaching, and my goal is for every student is to become more well-rounded and versatile by learning new skills, to understand each type of movement and what it entails, and to believe in his or her self though consistent progress. Most of all, I want students to ENJOY and EMBRACE their experience with PE this year!


I LOVE sports. I am ALL VOL when it comes to any and every collegiate sport--GBO! As for the professional realm, I thoroughly follow the Atlanta Braves, Dallas Cowboys, and any NBA game that is on TV. My love for sports, particularly basketball, has facilitated my desire to coach. I have one year of experience coaching middle school basketball and am beginning my fourth season at the high school level. Teaching and coaching allow me to link my passion and calling into what I hope is a daily difference maker in the lives of every student and player I am around. Every kid, no matter his or her age, deserves someone who cares about their future! 


Also, I was recently privileged to marry the one who makes me complete. THE Alexa. One fun fact about my wife and I is we are currently on a list to get a cavapoo dog that I hope to name Elvis to reflect my love of music. 


Here's to every Eaton Rocket that deserves an amazing school year!