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Meet The Teacher

2021-2022 School Year
I am beginning my 20th year teaching, wow!  This will be my sixth year in 2nd grade and my third year at Eaton Elementary.  I have taught in grades 2, 3, and 4.  I have taught in both private and public schools.  
I am a Louisiana girl born and raised!  As an adult, I have lived in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.  I moved to the Nashville area in 2005 and lived there until June of 2019.  I like to say "I was rooted in Louisiana and planted in Tennessee." I got married in May of 2020, during the pandemic.   My hubby and I bought a house in Alcoa.  I just love it, what a beautiful area!  The beach has always been my favorite place to be, but in the last  few years, I have fallen in love with the mountains.  I also must confess that I might be a little obsessed with the bears!
This summer will bring lots of adventures with our lab puppy, Millie Mae.  I am looking forward to all the good things 2021 will bring! 
A Few of My Favorites
Color: red, ,green and aqua blue
Drinks: coffee, Dr. Pepper, flavored water
Snacks: popcorn, string cheese, pretzels
Stores: Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon, Home Goods, Barnes & Noble
Places: the beach and the mountains
Music: I love music of all kinds! Music makes me happy and does great things for the brain; I love sharing awesome tunes with my students.
Hobbies: Spending time with the ones I love, shopping, going to concerts, watching movies, reading, and of course teaching