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Monday Minute 7/26/2021


Happy Monday! We have several updates today on our “Parent Monday Minute”.

  1. We have registration day around the corner. If you are already enrolled at Eaton the homeroom teacher will be calling you on July 29th to set up a registration appointment time for August 2nd. This is a great time to bring classroom supplies and have the student meet the teacher before the first day of school. We’ve noticed in the past this helps reduce student anxiety about coming to school.
  2. Our District released the stagger start for 1st through 4th
    • Wednesday, August 4 - Last Name A-G
    • Thursday, August 5 - Last Name H-N
    • Friday, August 6 - Last Name O-Z
    • Monday, August 9 - All students
    • Kindergarten and PreK will follow a different stagger start and your child’s homeroom teacher will give you more details on registration day.
  3. Master School Schedule Reminder:
    • 7:10 our front doors open.
    • 7:45 students will be picked up from bus hall.
    • 7:50 announcements will begin.
    • 8:00 the school day starts, and instruction will begin in all classrooms.
    • 2:55 Top 80 EES only cars released.
    • 3:05 Buses
    • 3:10 Parent Pickup (EES only and NMS/EES cars)
    • 3:40 All students should be picked up
  4. Parent Pickup – you will need a hanging car tag. Please keep this hanging until your child is in the car.
  5. We have posted our re-opening plan to our school website if you have any questions about our protocols this year.
  6. Arrival and Dismissal can be tricky so please check our website for updated maps for the traffic patterns.

If you missed any part of the Monday Minute please check your email, our Facebook page, or website for those details.


Thank you,

Mrs. Baessler